Tuesday, March 16, 2010

adding some green

I was helping my children lay their clothes out for the next day, and we were making sure there was some kind of green evident in their outfits for St. Patrick's Day. They didn't relish getting pinched. I came to discover that all of my children have green in their wardrobes in some shape or form, except for Haven. I'm not sure how that happened. She does have a lot of blue, purple and brown though. Hmmm. Anyways, Haven asked me if I had any ideas to help remedy her greenless state. I did.

One plain white tee, 3 different green scraps of fabric, various clover templates in different sizes, some time spent at my sewing machine, and it was done.


 I just pinned each clover to the t-shirt, and stitched around each one about 1/8" inside from the edge. Using a straight stitch also makes it easy to unpick, and I can remove the clovers at any time, and return the shirt to it's original plain white tee status.

 This is a bonus since it would mean Haven wouldn't have to be stuck with a holiday tee long after that holiday has passed.

 She is ready for a pinch-free day.

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