Friday, April 2, 2010

it sholdn’t be that hard

Shopping for clothes with my teenage daughter is hard. Seriously. It took forever to find the few clothes she would condescend to even try on. One of those items being a white blouse that I insisted she add to her pile. I would not budge, she had to try it on whether she liked it or not. I KNEW it would look completely amazing on Ciel. I just knew it. After an eternity in the dressing room, and many scowls from her as she went through her meager pile, she finally got to the blouse. I was so right. She looked amazing. And guess what. She hated it. No matter what I said, she hated it. I told her I was buying it anyways, and she would thank me later. Then she hated me.

Until she happened upon this jacket.

  She grabbed the jacket and the blouse, went back to the dressing room, of her own accord, and tried them both on together. And wonder of wonders, she loved them. Both pieces. Now she wanted me to buy the blouse. And the jacket. So I did. Now I just have to try and forget all of the scowling I was subjected to prior to her discovery of the jacket, so that I might be persuaded to take her shopping again someday. Maybe. The cute little punk.

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