Saturday, October 17, 2009

making it that much harder

It really sucks. Really. Sucks. My would-have-been-due-date is a month away and the monster "mother-to-be" mailing list I somehow landed on (still not sure how that happened) has kicked into high gear. Every day my mailbox and inbox are crammed with tons of offers and fliers from formula companies, maternity clothing stores, baby furniture showrooms, diaper companies, cord blood facilities, book sellers suggesting various titles on pregnancy, baby names, child rearing, breastfeeding etc., and the list goes on. I'm so tired of the constant stinging reminder of what I won't be having. I'm not drowning in a pool of self pity, it's not that. I'm not asking for sympathy or anything like that, it just makes me feel so helpless to keep getting inundated with all of this baby stuff for a baby I won't be having. And it's only going to get worse in the coming weeks. I hate that there is no way to alert these lame companies as to their mistaken assumption that I am still gestating. Being around babies isn't hard for me, I love being around all of the new little ones in my family. Being around other pregnant women isn't hard for me either, I still enjoy all of the pregnancy and baby talk that goes on. I have no problems with any of that at all. I'm just so tired of the en masse mailings I keep getting, all because these companies still think I'm pregnant. And I'm not. And like I said. It stings. I guess I'll just have to ride this one out. *sigh* Anyone know how to make it stop?

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