Monday, December 3, 2012

Reagan at Six Months Old

Of course time is flying y, and Reagan is already six months old. She is still an incredibly happy baby, and so quick to smile and giggle. She is quite the little talker and squealer, making tons of noise as she plays. And where none of my other babies have ever been content to play for any length of time, Reagan is more than content to play. She loves being on the floor for tummy-time and grabbing anything that even remotely resembles a toy so she can give it a thorough gumming as she hasn't cut any teeth yet, or bouncing like a tiny wild animal in her jump-a-roo while she gives out little squeals of delight.
She is awesome about taking naps, but has yet to sleep through the night yet. She wakes every night at least once, usually two to there times or more even, but we're working on convincing her that there is nothing fun going on at 2am, although so far she still doesn't believe us. Reagan is loved and adored by her siblings, and smothered with love and attention whether she wants it or not. Her extra happy and fairly mellow personality is such a wonderful addition to our family, we don't quite know what we did to ever deserve such a sweet and smiling little baby girl. 

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