Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quilt #7

My Mom was always making us quilts when I was growing up. Big snuggly flannel ones that she painstakingly pieced and quilted together, and they were much loved and constantly used. So imagine my surprise when I discovered a pieced quilt top and a matching patchwork  backing my Mom had started on (at least 20 years ago!) but had never finished.
Somehow the pieces ended up in with my sewing stuff, so I decided to add it to the pile of quilts I'm making for Christmas, it definitely needs to be finished. Using some of the matching flannel it had been stored with, I added 7-inch wide strips on all 4 sides to enlarge the quilt top to match the size of the patchwork backing. I sandwiched the batting between the two layers, pinned it together like crazy with basting safety pins, and it's just waiting for me to quilt and bind it now. Now I just have to keep up my sewing momentum as I am so close to being done with all of these quilts! 

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