Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jensen Turns 2

My sweet little punk of a girl turned 2 today! Jensen is so funny, sweet, and silly, we truly are enjoying every minute with her. She loves her big brothers and sisters and is always trying to keep up with them. She also loves being a big sister to her baby sister Reagan, sharing toys with her and always asking to hold her. Jensen loves to sing songs, her favorites being Popcorn Popping, Book of Mormon Stories, Happy Birthday, and Row Row Row Your Boat. For her birthday we made homemade pizza and had chocolate sheet cake with ice cream.
And just to make sure we know who the boss is, when we sang Happy Birthday to her, she ran out of the room crying, then came back in as soon as we were done, and happily opened her presents. She was especially excited to get her Bounce & Spin Zebra. Happy Birthday to my sweet little Jensie-pie. 

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