Saturday, October 13, 2012

KCWC #5 Lewis from 'Meet the Robinsons'

This 'KCWC' go round I decided to work on one of the boys Halloween costumes. Mathes decided this year he wanted to be Lewis from Meet the Robinsons, and since he has the perfect hair for it already, I figured why not? Add to that the fact that Lewis wears a simple enough outfit consisting of red shorts, a blue sweater vest and white shirt and I knew I couldn't refuse.
 It didn't take long to make, and I rather like the end results.
I made the shorts using a light weight canvas cotton, with an elastic waistband, and patch pockets on either side of the leg.
  For the blue sweater vest I took a blue t-shirt and cut off the sleeves, folded in the hem and stitched it down all the way around. Since it had a crew neck, I then carefully cut the neckband out and removed all of the loose threads from it and set it aside, cut the round neckline into a v-neck, then re-attached the neckband all the way around finishing off the new v-neckline. It looks great, and it was so much easier to find a plain blue t-shirt than it would have been to try and track down a plain blue sweater vest. And the t-shirt was only $3.50, even better. I also have a plain white t-shirt to layer underneath it to finish off his 'Lewis' ensemble.
Now to start working on Noah's costume, which frankly I have been dragging my feet over starting. It's going to take more than a few evenings to do, but I had better start now if I'm going to have it done in time for him to wear to the family Halloween party next Saturday.

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