Friday, June 4, 2010


It was the last day of school for my kids, and already one of them is crying and mad at me for making them clean their room before they can play with their friends. Meanest. Mom. Ever.

Dylan graduated from High School on Tuesday, and we are so proud of him. It was a great day, but don't even get me started on how long the graduation ceremony was. Seriously? 2 1/2 hours? Oh for the love.

Finley had a fast moving infection in his right leg that came on very suddenly, causing his little leg to swell up at his ankle and calf, with a huge red patch that was burning hot to the touch where the infection was located. The Dr. immediately gave him a shot of a strong antibiotics, a Rx for more antibiotics to start at home for 1 week, and then he had me take a sharpie and trace around the edges of the large red, hot spot. If the red spread anywhere outside of the line I was to bring him back into the office at once for more serious measures, but thankfully the first shot, along with the liquid meds worked, and the swelling has subsided, the red is almost all but gone and his leg is no longer burning up. I am one grateful mama for antibiotics in our day and age.

I have zero motivation to sew right now. I sat at my sewing table yesterday looking over several projects I would love to work on, and some piles of fabric I am stockpiling for a quilt, but I just can't seem to take the next step and actually start. Lame.

 I am hopeful though that our unusually cool/cold Spring is an indication of a cool Summer this year, although our backyard has never looked better thanks to the copious amounts of rain and Craig's tireless work. We have even made serious headway and we are winning the war in the battle against the thorns in the back. Craig (and his chainsaw) cleared the back right portion of our yard to further our plans for a mini orchard, and as of right now we have 1 pear, 6 apple, 2 peach, and 2 plum trees. I would love to add a few more peach trees and 1 or 2 apricot trees, but we will have to wait and see.

I want a set of these...


And one of these...

Metal stamping and plastic snapping fun!

As soon as my friend Jodee gets back from her family trip, she and I are planning some fun outings with our kids this Summer (she has 5, and I will only have 5 since Dylan and Ciel are busy with their friends), and we are trying to keep it all low cost/free and not too far from home (no more than 2 hours in the car with children, thank you very much). Are you planning anything fun with your kidlets?

 I can hear a very sad little boy that has come in from outside, soaking wet from playing with the hose, and in desperate need of some dry clothes, and his mama. Yep, it's Summer allright.

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