Monday, February 12, 2007

Tough As Nails He Is! (Arrrr!)

Craig was home from work this morning and wanted to give me a break to sleep in a little, so he got the kids up and ready for school this morning. He realized the driveway had completely frozen over in the night and was now a solid sheet of ice, so he had to help each of the kids out to the car one at a time and buckle them in, then go back for the next child. It happened as he was carrying Mathes out to the car. He had just rounded the back of the Suburban and suddenly his feet went right out from under him, and with little Mathes in his arms, down they both went.. He desperately tried to shield Mathes from the worst of it, but his little face ended up smashing into the back hitch as they fell. The Dr. said the good news is that while it was bad, Mathes' injury happened to be in the one spot where there was no chance of a concussion or bone breakage. The bad news is that his cheek is badly bruised, swollen to the size of a golfball on one side, and there is a cut inside his mouth. Oh it looks so sore and awful on his sweet little baby face. We have been giving him anything he wants today (playing Nintendo and eating all the popsicles he wants) since we feel so horrible about all of it, but he has been fine and eating and talking like nothing happened. Craig and I both agree it's one of the worst feeling in the world when something like this happens, and you blame yourself over and over again no matter what the circumstances when one of your children gets hurt. Although as bad as it is I am so thankful he didn’t hit his head, it really could have been so much worse.

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