Friday, January 19, 2007

Such a Feisty Punk In A Tiny Little Body

Who knew that my tiny little Gracen would turn out to be such a tough little girl. I am sure that being the 6th child and a smurf as well gave her good reason to be a fighter, yet I still can’t help but laugh as she barrels past me in their lastest favorite game of “chase” with Gracen being the “chaser”. The kids call her name telling her to come and get them, and then run while she is in hot pursuit right behind them laughing hysterically the enitre time. There is a lot of squealing, shrieking, and giggling, and they all think it’s the funniest game to play right now. Gracen of course thinks it’s hilarious, and loves that she gets to chase them all too and be a part of the “big kid” fun.
She loves sitting up to the table in one of the big chairs like everyone else, and if we make the “horrific mistake” of putting her in the highchair instead, the waterworks commence and she acts like her little world has crumbled down around her. She can turn the tears on and off, and it’s pretty funny to see her start with the dramatic cry face when she is told “no” or doesn’t get her way. She looks so cute when she scrunches up her face as the tears roll down her cheeks. I never thought I would get such a little actress, and no, I don’t give in to any of her drama, I know better than to cave to those kind of antics.
Gracen is quite the little love though, and any chance she gets will throw her arms around your neck and give you big hugs and kisses. She will snuggle for a few minutes at time, just to let you know she still loves you, then she hops down and is off to rejoin the other kids playing. Another favorite of hers is to hold your face with her two little hands on either side and turn it one way or the other and plant as many kisses on your cheeks as she can, then wait for you to do the same to her. I must admit, the pure joy on her face anytime I return from an outing or even when I greet her in the morning is priceless, she throws her little arms into the air, yells “Mama!” and and looks so happy, it’s as if we had been separated for ages. She is so thrilled to be reunited again and doesn’t hold back on the hugs and kisses.
She is definitely showing her independence, and will happily do “chores” right along side her older siblings, and refuses to accept their help, insisting upon doing the job all by herself. She’s a wonderful little helper with putting dirty clothes in the hamper, putting toys away, putting books back on the shelf, and she loves to help set and clear the table. Her size may be tiny, but she has such a mighty spirit, heaven help any that get in her way since she is determined to stay the course and make it to the finish line without anyone elses help. I love her feisty little ways and happy little personality, it’s no wonder she is such a favorite with all of her brothers and sisters.

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