Saturday, May 13, 2006

Grandpa's Funeral

Grandpa Stevenson's funeral was today and it turned out to be quite lovely. I thought the funeral services were very nice, the flower arrangements were very well done, and I really enjoyed the poem Auntie Lorayne read, it was beautiful. It was especially touching to hear my Dad talk about his own father and some of the stories of Grandpas life, but I also love to hear my Dad speak on any occasion since he is such an outstanding speaker. It was so nice to see all of my brothers and sisters too since we haven’t been together in quite a while, and we had an especially fun time afterwards when we all got together and talked, sharing stories about Grandpa, and other stories in general, laughing and just having a good time with family. It’s so rare that we can all be together that we really enjoyed the time that we had. One of the lighter moments of the day happened just as Heidi pulled up to the funeral home and Livy asked ”Mom is Grandpa in there?” and Heidi replied ”Well just his body is.” With a look of genuine, almost panicked concern Livy asked “Well where’s his head?”. It took a little bit of explaining but we think Livy understands now how it works, also there was a little presentation during the viewing especially for the children explaining about the body and the departure of the spirit from the body at death and such which was also helpful. A favorite moment for me today was when my ex-husband (Chris) very kindly surprised me and sent me the ring that Grandpa had given him when we (Chris and I) were married. I had forgotten about it after all of this time, and was touched not only that he remembered it had been my Grandpa’s but that he would think to give it to me today. When Chris and I were married Granny gave me her wedding ring from her marriage to Grandpa and Grandpa had given Chris his wedding ring from the same and it means so much to me that I now have both rings from my Grandparents wedding. I am truly grateful he would think to give it to me to keep so that I have something so meaningful of my grandparents to pass along to my own children. All in all I felt it was a very good day, it was very peaceful and full of so many good things said and done.

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