Monday, May 24, 2010

finn’s new quilt

Finley's favorite quilt was one I had actually made for Noah when he was a baby. It was a crib sized, tied quilt, and had already been well loved by the time Finn claimed it. He had to have it with him for bedtime and naptime, and dragged it with him anywhere he could. It wasn't long before the constant "love" Finn lavished on his quilt caused the batting to fall apart, most of the ties to disappear, and several stains to be permanently set in, never to come out. The quilt was really just two worn and dirty pieces of fabric, with the few remains of the batting wadded into the bottom corner. Then,  what had started out as a tiny rip was suddenly a huge gaping hole, and Finn's favorite quilt was rendered completely useless. It was time to make him a new one. One thing that has seemed to be a constant with each of my children is that they all have preferred tied quilts when it came to their favorites (just like Grammy Lou's quilts, they are tied with all of her love).

I decided to make the quilt 42x55 so that it was a great size to keep him warm at night in his bed, but still not too large to drag all over the place with him if he wants to. And I also decided to go with a bright Toy Story print for the quilt top (just because I adore so many different designer fabrics does not mean my children enjoy them as I do, and since even my 7 year old son Mathes still adores all things 'Toy Story', I am confident Finn won't outgrow this quilt anytime soon) and a fun blue polka dot print for the backing. I tied it with bright blue yarn and bound the edges with a blue and white striped seersucker for extra interest (I love striped binding on quilts!). No, it's not perfect, but my mistakes are not glaringly apparent, and it's soft, snuggly, and Finn absolutely loves it. That's what matters most, right?

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