Thursday, November 8, 2007

New House, Bad Scare, An X-Ray, And Done!

Tonight we took the children on a tour of the new house since none of them had seen it yet, and they all loved it. I was going to take some pics with my camera, but the owners have no children, have tons of knick knacks and trinkets everywhere you turn, so I had my hands full tending to that, but all went well, and nothing was disturbed. Once we got home I started right in making dinner, the kids were hungry and clamoring for a meal. Finn had fallen asleep on the ride home so we were letting him snooze a bit in his carseat in the living room.
I had only just begun to cook the meat when I heard a weird sound like a choked kind of half cry, and it was coming from Finley. When I got to him, Gracen had just walked away, clutching his binky, and looking fairly guilty. I knew she had once again “fed” him something she knew she shouldn’t have (so far the list of “offending items” are wheat bread, cereal, juice, milk, pecan chocolate chip cookies, and crackers). She loves her baby brother and wants so much to share with him, she just doesn’t understand that he’s still too little for it.
I don’t know what she had given him this time, but when I got to the baby he had stopped breathing and was turning all sorts of colors. I grabbed him, turned him face down on my forearm and began to thump him furiously, told Ciel to run get Craig (he used to be an EMT), and went for the phone to dial 911. But just then, he must have swallowed whatever it was that was stuck, because he suddenly began crying and breathing again. I immediately called my Dr. to let them know I was coming, buckled him back into his carseat, and away we went. I’m not prone to panicking, but even though he was breathing fine I knew I wouldn’t be able to rest until they had checked him over.
The Dr. listened to his lungs, checked his mouth and throat, and he showed no signs he had ever been in any distress with his breathing, but he had some cuts, scrapes and a bit of bleeding at the back of his throat. Since we still weren’t sure what it was he was force fed by his sister, Finn had to have an x-ray to rule out any metal objects. To do that they had to put him in a sausage casing plexiglass contraption that held his arms up over his head, pressing him on all sides with only a small cut out by his face, but he was so small, the cut out area came to his nose, so it was awful. He was pinned in there for about 15 minutes, but it felt like forever since he was crying so hard. It was so heartbreaking, I just kept reminding myself that it was a good thing, but it was so hard to not be able to comfort him. I sang to him, held his little hands, and pet his little face and head, trying to make it just the tiniest bit better, but nothing worked until he was out, and back in my arms. My poor sweet little baby boy.
Happily the x-ray was clear, and he got a clean bill of health, so we just have to watch him these next few days until we think whatever it was has passed or been digested. We didn’t see exactly what Gracen fed him, but we suspect it may have been a Froot Loop, but again, not sure. Not exactly how we wanted to end our evening, but the kids loved the house, are so excited to move in, and Finley is doing fine and talking away, playing like nothing ever happened, he’s still as happy as ever!

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