Friday, December 15, 2006

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

On the way to the Family Christmas Dinner tonight we saw three or four police cars parked at a house with all of their lights flashing, and we all wondered aloud what must be going on. Noah had it all figured out because he piped up from the back and said “Maybe they’re having a Disco Dance in the back of their police cars.” Ok, where in the heck did he pick up the phrase “disco dance” and how does he know it involves lots of flashing lights? And when Dylan was saying something about “mice carrying lots of diseases”, Noah agreed with him by saying “Yeah, they carry lots of cheese. They eat a lot!” And Mathes was very vocal the whole way there and kept saying “Mom” to try and get my attention so he could tell me about all of the Christmas lights he was seeing. Just as we were driving past the clinic, he began calling me again.
Me- “Yes Mathes, what?
“Mathes- “Chicken Butt!” and then began to giggle.
Sadly in our family it’s actually kind of another way (albeit a wierd one) of saying “I love you” but I’m not quite sure how it started. Yeah, I know, we’re so classy it’s probably killing you, right? We’re so refined.

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