Friday, June 9, 2006

The Path Of Destruction

Gracen decided she needed to thoroughly explore the house today and left a messy trail of debris as she went! She started with some magazines and stuff in the kitchen, then moved on to the lid drawer, then to the toys in the living room, ultimately ending up back in the kitchen where she started. She flung toys, books, lids, puzzles and more all over during her busy little adventure, and was quite pleased with herself when she was done. Who would have thought she was so wicky!
I really enjoy Gracen’s love of exploring, and I am constantly amazed at her fearless attempts to be just like her big bothers and sisters. The stairs weren’t even a challenge, they were just a small obstacle standing between her and her destination, so off she went, no fear! She goes up and down them without even batting an eye! And we haven’t even begun with the climbing. She is up onto chairs, the couch, tables, beds, boxes, anything! It’s funny how quiet she is about it too, it’s like one minute she’s on the floor, then you turn around and she’s smiling at you from on top of the table. Never a dull moment! With each of my children as they grew, I was always amazed at each accomplishment, and thrilled with every achievement. I know they’re doing all of their baby learning and it’s all a part of their development, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking that their a “super genius”! They’re all so incredible and so much fun, I feel guilty sometimes because I enjoy them so much! So here’s to my amazing Gracen and her love of life!

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