Friday, June 23, 2006

Birthday Earrings for Haven

It’s Mathes and Haven’s birthday today, and they’re 3 and 5 years old! For Haven’s birthday I took her to get her ears pierced (with her Daddy’s reluctant OK) since she has been asking to get it done for quite a while now. I called ahead to make sure there would be two girls there to pierce her ears simultaneously since I thought it wouldn’t go over very well if we did it one at a time. (Although, for those of you that don’t know, Livy had hers pierced and she had hers done one at a time, and she sat still for the whole thing!) Haven sat in the chair all by herself, and sat very still since she was feeling a little shy and was also a little apprehensive about it as well. Haven picked out her favorite pair of pink sparkly flower earrings, the same ones Livy has, even though her first choice was the GIANT cubic zirconia pair that looked like they were big enough to be cuff links. I explained she needed to pick a smaller pair that were more flush with her ear so they wouldn’t get caught on anything.
   She knew it would hurt a little, but she was determined to get her ears pierced, so she sat quietly and let Miss Brittany mark the dots on her ears for the earrings. Miss Brittany had Miss Kim come over to help, and the two of them on the count of three pierced Haven’s ears! Haven’s face crinkled up in a little grimace, so we told her it was all done and she looked beautiful and that was it. She didn’t even cry! I was so proud of her for being so brave, and she absolutely loves her new earrings! I’m glad we got it done at this age since she’s old enough to ask to have it done, but not old enough to really get that it’s a hole in your ear. She told me it “only hurt fast then it didn’t hurt anymore”. Afterwards we went to Orange Julius for a fun treat and I let everyone pick out their favorite smoothie. Afterwards we went to Grammy Lesa’s since she had some presents for Haven and Mathes. They had a great time there, and loved their presents! Mathes loved running all over the backyard and going in and out the dog door, with the dogs right behind him! Haven was showing everyone her new earrings, and telling them all about her experience and how brave she was.
   (You know Anne, I still have my pierced ears from you. An ice cube and a needle in your professional ear piercing hands was all it took, and here we are this many years later, and they’re still pierced! We had a lot of fun that summer!)
   After a very nice visit we went home so Daddy could see her earrings, even though he wasn’t all that thrilled to have his baby girl get holes in her ears. He was a good sport about it though, especially since he knew how excited she was to have them done, and told Haven she looked like a princess, which she did!

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