Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Sweet Jemima

 After much research and discussion, we decided to buy another dog. I found a local trainer that ran a specialized program that trained puppies for 8-9 weeks where each puppy is potty trained and obedience trained and are prepared to come into your home and become a well mannered and loving member of your family. So I contacted the trainer and explained what I was looking for and she said she had just the dog for us. A Weimaraner named Sandy that was incredibly mellow and laid back, and just loved her people.
 I went out to meet her, and she was a doll! I knew she would be perfect. So we got everything ready, did all of the paperwork, and a week later we brought her home on March 1st. 
We re-named her Jemima, and she settled right in with us as if she knew she was ours. All of the kids were instantly in love and Jensen especially, calling at every minute for her "Mima", calling for her as she went to bed each night, and first thing as she woke up in the morning, always looking for her "Mima". Jensen adored her, and Jemima was so sweet and patient with her.
 But as happy as we were to bring our sweet puppy Jemima home on Friday, sadly we had to take her back only 3 days later Monday afternoon. We are heartbroken. It turns out I'm allergic to her, and my arms, from my fingers all the way up the back of my elbows broke out in itchy red bumps, basically everywhere her fur touched my skin. The reason I didn't know about this before is that our little Lucy (a 12 lb. Boston Terrier) had terrible skin issues and to snuggle her required wrapping her in a blanket to make sure we didn't aggravate her itching further so I had limited to zero fur-to-skin contact in the last few years. I also grew up with a Sheltie which is an incredibly fluffy little dog, so it seems my allergy has only recently developed.
 Sp right now we are just focusing on helping Jemima's trainer find her another home, which I know won't take long since she is simply the most incredible dog and the sweetest little love I have ever met. I am so annoyed with my stupid extra sensitive skin! I have had several suggestions about getting a poodle or poodle mix since they are considered hypoallergenic and a great dog for some allergy sufferers, but before I dive into another new dog and getting my kids attached again, I will test my skin against Grammy Lesa's Poodle/Schnauzer mix Tramp O'Malley and see if I have any reaction to him first. Then we will decide what we want to do from there. But for now, we are missing our Mima. She was simply perfect, and we were see her go.

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Holly said...

Whaaaat? How did I not know before now that you had this blog? I still miss you and it was fun to read over some of these posts here.
I love that you named the dog Jemima. I love that name too! Don't we both have hubbies that won't go for that name on one of the kids? Funny thing, I just watched Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang tonight and that's the name of the little girl. ( ;

I'll totally have to keep up with you here now. Yay!