Friday, September 21, 2012

4 months old and oh so sweet!

Reagan is 4 months old today and is starting to get so big. She is finally growing out of 0-3 months clothing and into 3-6 month sizes. She is such a pretty little baby and has such beautiful big eyes that seem to take everything in as it goes on around her. I love her dark, fuzzy hair, especially if a tiny tuft of it sticks up like a bitty mohawk. She is very mellow, and so very different from all of my other babies before her. Every single one of my babies hated tummy time. Hated it! They also refused to be put down for the first 8 months of their lives for any length of time while they were awake. They were all sleeping through the night by 3 months. They all were fairly serious babies and didn't just hand out the smiles. When they cried it went from a whimper to an all out scream-fest, they cried like they were in pain. And they all fell asleep in their car seats within minutes of the car starting up.
But Reagan? Well...
 -Reagan loves tummy time. When I put her down she just hangs out for a while looking around, eating the blanket occasionally, and even laying her head down and taking a break for a minute, all while on her tummy. She loves it!
 -Reagan is happy whether she is in your arms, in her swing, laying on the bed, or sitting in her bouncy seat. She lets you know when she is done and wants to snuggle, eat, or play, but otherwise she is a seriously low-key baby and can just hang out for a bit without a cry-fest.
 -Reagan wakes up every 3-4 hours no matter what, how, or when I feed her. I'm hopeful she will grow out of this soon as I am more sleep deprived than I have ever been with any baby, but she is still only 4 months old so I figure she just might need a month or two more to decide to sleep through the night. (please?)
 -Reagan started smiling at 2 months, and she is definitely the happiest babies I have ever had. She gives huge baby grins all of the time, ones that light up her entire face like she just can't contain herself. It's. Awesome.
 -Reagan is a fairly quiet crier. She isn't a screamer, she just cries like she is kind of sad and put-out, but it never sounds like she's very serious about it. She just sounds like she wants you to please address the sad situation as soon as you get a minute, but until then she will just talk to you about it in a very sad voice.
 -Reagan hates her car seat. Hates. It. She rarely falls asleep in it, and most car trips with her that are any longer than 10 minutes have her crying the entire rest of the trip. So we don't go very far these days.
 -Reagan is easily entertained by the singing and dancing of her siblings. Anytime she is sad and starts to fuss a bit, she can easily be cajoled out of her sadness with a few made up songs or crazy dance moves by one of her siblings (usually Gracen). It's funny to see Reagan so intently watching their silly antics. Her siblings equal pure baby entertainment.
 I am enjoying every minute with Reagan. Yes, even in the middle of the night haha! She really is very happy and easy going. She is a perfect fit into our crazy family dynamic, and a pure joy to have with us!

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