Thursday, December 9, 2010

newborn photoshoot

Melanie has an incredible natural talent for taking beautiful pictures. So of course I totally exploited the fact that she's my sister-in-law and asked her to take some pictures of my new little babe Jensen. And boy did Melanie deliver. Seriously, take a look at her handy work...

This one is my absolute favorite, I love that she's smiling. I know, totally involuntary, but still completely adorable!

And I love how this one turned out just so simple and sweet.

These look so good in B&W.

Cannot get enough of the ruffly bum.

Ruffly and bummy, so cute!

Mel knew just how to place everything to get the best shots. Love the colors in this one, perfect!

Of all of the nakie shots, this one is my favorite, it's so cute and looks just like my Jensen.

She's so cute, all curled up and sound alseep.

Ok, so the fact that Jensen is darling doesn't hurt, but seriously, Melly is awesome! And she not only took the photos, but she has mad editing skills too. So a very big thank you to Melanie for taking these gorgeous pictures of my sweet new baby Jensen, and giving me some wonderful keepsakes of my little girl as a tiny newborn. Melly has lots more of her awesome camera work posted on her blog, so make sure to stop by!

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