Wednesday, October 13, 2010

32 weeks

So, things are good. My last Dr. appointment was on Monday and the baby is head down, growing as she should, and as active as ever. And even though I have been having some bouts of contractions that are causing concern, I have managed to keep them in check for almost a week now. When I told my Dr about it, he seemed more concerned than I was. He was ready to immediately administer a test that would determine whether or not I would go into labor in the next two weeks or not. I declined the test. Seriously, I'm not going to go into labor anytime soon, as long as I continue to take it easy like I have been the last little while. And I have been very good. I cut way back on my activities which means that my house is not as clean as I would like it and my laundry is not only winning, but poised to overthrow the government, but I'm making sure that I am resting a lot during the day. It gives me lots of time to catch up on "Maury" since you never know which of the 8 men they tested is going to turn out to be that baby's daddy. Fo sho.

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