Thursday, July 1, 2010

this is the part where I begin to look for a 12 step program…

See this?

Do you know where it all came from? My garage.

Do you know how long it had been there? Since we moved in Fall 2008.

It is now Summer 2010.

Haven't you heard of slowly but surely?  I err on the side of 'slowly'.

And stop calling me Shirley.

And look, I found my yogurt maker! Along with a box of 5 extra glass yogurt jars.

Which will go nicely with the other box of 5 extra glass yogurt jars that I have in my pantry.

 Wow, 15 jars. That's a lot of yogurt. I had better get busy.

And the totes? There are 12 of them. And 1 box.

Three of the totes have baby clothes in them. All that I have left after having 7 babies.

I thought I gave most of it away. Nice to be wrong.

The other nine totes and the one box are filled with fabric. Filled. To the brim. Yards and yards of it.

Cottons, knits, flannels and fleece. And so much more.

I even found Ciel's sewing machine buried in a box labeled "Kitchen Appliances".

Ciel has been looking for it for over a year with no luck. I guess no one told her that you always skip the boxes marked "Sewing" and go straight for anything marked "Kitchen Appliances".


Nevertheless, she is thrilled.

Craig? Less than thrilled. More like annoyed.

He thinks I have a problem. He says no one should own this much fabric.

I totally disagree.

So I probably shouldn't mention the 5 other totes of fabric still in the garage that I wasn't able to bring in...

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