Friday, September 8, 2006

I Love You Rowsdower

My Ciel has a fantastic imagination that was evident almost immediately. She had a lot to say, and it was always fascinating to hear what it was going to be, and she never disappointed. With Dylan everything had to be “perfect and just so” but with Ciel it was always “crazy flying monkey’s” kind of stuff, and that was how she liked it. There was never a dull moment in her world and talking to her was pure entertainment. When Ciel was little she had a favorite doll that she just loved, she dragged it with her everywhere she went. She wasn’t really into dolls or Barbies that much, but for some reason there was something special about this doll, she was different and Ciel really loved her. She was never without a crazy name for any of her toys, and this one was no exception as “chumich”, but it didn’t last long.
My brothers and sisters and I had all been watching a slew of Mystery Science Theater 3K recently, and one of the episodes featured a very bad movie called “The Final Sacrifice”. There was a character called “Zapf Rowsdower” in it, and we had a lot of jokes about the guy’s name and the movie, but mostly the guy’s name, Rowsdower. While on a family trip to Canada it somehow came about (it’s a longer story than I’m willing to type) that Ciel’s doll was re-christened Rowsdower (thanks to Mark, Holly and Heidi), and the name has stuck ever since. In fact even as the jokes faded the name has never changed, and she is still Rowsdower to this day. So when Ciel outgrew her doll and she was then passed down to Haven, so was the crazy name Rowsdower, and Haven loved her just as much as Ciel did, dragging her all over the place as her “baby”.
Well, Rowsdower has once again been passed down, this time to Gracen, and she is even crazier about dolls than her two older sisters ever were. Gracen considers dolls to be her babies, and much like her cousin Estee's, she is one baby-crazy baby! She loves to kiss, hug, pet, feed, dress and undress the dolls, and brush their hair, bald or not. She is the consummate “mommy” and Rowsdower is her favorite “baby” right now. I have bought several other dolls for my girls, but none seem to get the love and attention that Rowsdower does. I’m not sure why but she has been the favorite with all of my girls, and any other dolls have been cast aside with Rowsdower always ending up as the one doll that gets loved the most, they just can’t seem to live without her. So Rowsdower is once again being passed down, and she is still the object of much love and a little bit too much affection as she is currently being dragged around by Gracen. Now if we can just get her to say Rowsdower…..

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