Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dylan vs. The Pavement….Guess Who Won

Today while Dylan was over at one of his friends, he tripped when he was running, apparently it was a full sprint and fell straight onto the pavement with his face, and only his face. There isn’t a scratch anywhere on him except for his poor face. The full force of the blow went to his forehead, nose, and mouth, and he fell so fast he didn’t even have time to put his arms out to soften the hit, or slow his momentum. He hit so hard he was knocked out cold for a few minutes, and he didn’t even wake up when they carried him all the way to the backyard, and only came to when they splashed some water on his face to try and see through the blood.
   As soon as he came home and I saw what had happened I took him to the Dr. to make sure he was OK, especially since he was complaining of nausea and he was really sleepy. The Dr. said he had a broken nose, some loosened teeth, a mild concussion, and that he was lucky that was all since the full force of the blow was to his face/head. So I took him home and got him set up with ice packs, a cold drink and some blankets so he could rest, and we just have to keep an eye on him and ask him what his name is and what day it is every few hours until bedtime. Funny enough, after he came to, he was telling all of his buddies the first aid tecniques they needed to do for him such as cover him for shock, elevate his feet, check his pupils for dialtion etc….his time in Scouts paid off!
   When we were on our way to the Doctor, Dylan kind of laughed (as much of a laugh as he could muster through his swollen mouth) and said “Of all of the ways I could have been injured, snowboarding, dirtbiking and stuff, I get hurt doing something I’ve done my whole life, running”. I had to laugh at the irony, but I’m so glad he’s OK. His nose, lips and forhead are all still really swollen, but he’s doing a lot better and the Dr. said he shouldn’t even have any scarring. Wow, this has been a hazardous week for our family, what with Hannah, Taft and now Dylan, and Melanie’s terrible burns weren’t that long ago either. So now Heidi’s family are the only ones left that haven’t had a scary event lately and we hope it stays that way!

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